CT Coronary Angiography

CT Coronary Angiography

What is a CT coronary angiography?

CT coronary angiography (CTCA) is a test where x-rays and a specialised dye are used to look at the arteries that supply blood to the heart (the coronary arteries) and the structures in and around the heart, such as valves, heart chambers and the major blood vessels.

Who is CT coronary angiography recommended for?

The test is commonly used for patients with chest pain, to determine whether there are any narrowings in the coronary arteries that need treatment. It is also frequently used to plan cardiac procedures, such as transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) and left atrial appendage occlusion (LAAO).

What can I expect when I have a CT coronary angiogram?

We will ask you not to eat for around 4 hours before the test, and not to drink caffeinated drinks for 12 hours before the test. The test is carried out in a CT scanner which is an x-ray machine within a short tunnel. It is not as enclosed as an MRI scanner so even patients who have claustrophobia can generally manage this type of scan. In order to get clear images, the heart rate needs to be well controlled and you may need some medication (usually a beta blocker) to slow the heart rate down.

When will I get the results?

That depends slightly on the reason for the scan. If it is for chest pain, we may be able to give you a preliminary result at the time of the scan. Please bear in mind that we carry out detailed analysis of all of the images, including the structures around the heart, so the final report usually takes a few days.

What expertise does Dr Dawkins have in CT coronary angiography?

Dr Dawkins carries out and analyses CT scans every week for patients with chest pain, and also those being assessed for various cardiac procedures such as TAVI and left atrial appendage occlusion.

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